The 10 Best Classroom Management Software (2023)

The 10 Best Classroom Management Software (1)

Nowadays, technology has entered into all areas of our lives and even classroom management can be done with the help of software. Classroom management software helps create a classroom environment designed for a better learning experience for students.

Schools, learning centers, or other educational institutions can use classroom management software to increase classroom engagement, motivate students, and improve student behavior and progress.

With these programs, you can eliminate distractions, monitor classroom activities, enhance knowledge sharing, and much more. There are many classroom management programs out there, so it can be confusing to choose the right one for your school.

To help you with that, we've got a list of the 10 best classroom management software for you to choose from.

The best classroom management software.Comparison (full)


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internet security

real time monitoring

private conversation

Easy to use

Prices (monthly)

free trial period


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mimimimimi$ 2,00

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mimimimimi$12/student license

Check all the software in detail based on your needs and choose wisely; By the end of this article, you'll know exactly which one is right for you.

1. Faronics

Faronics is powerful, feature-rich classroom management software that helps teachers create a better learning experience and IT professionals easily manage and support multiple labs.

Faronics makes it easy to manage a computer-based learning environment by helping to keep all inventory up to date. Your students can get help directly from their teacher with the help of this software.

The 10 Best Classroom Management Software (2)

Faronics Key Features

  • The classroom monitoring feature allows you to see what students are doing.
  • You can block student access to USB drives, CD/DVDs, and web browsing with a single click.
  • Manage multiple labs, schools, and networks with centralized administration.
  • Teach, monitor, support, and communicate with the entire class from one central computer.
  • Share the teacher's screen with students or have the student share their screens with other students.
  • Students and teachers can use the Faronics interface to have one-on-one conversations without interrupting the class.
  • The power status of all connected devices can be monitored, the power scheme can be changed, and you will be notified when a device is low on power.
  • The teacher can communicate directly with the IT team immediately when a problem arises.

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2. Clean Web

RenWeb offers a comprehensive and robust solution to manage your classroom. It is one of the most popular school management software for private and religious schools.

It allows schools to record all student contacts along with their parents' information. Demographic data is systematically entered into the database to better organize the information.

The 10 Best Classroom Management Software (3)

Main features of RenWeb

  • It integrates with the online application and the online application for admission.
  • The group email tool allows you to form groups of students, parents, and others based on class, level, and more.
  • The online gradebook automatically creates an electronic portfolio for your students, submits tests via the web, records grades, assigns and collects assignments, and much more.
  • Parents can view student records, announcements, calendars, and more through the secure ParentsWeb portal.
  • Teachers can record attendance and immediately report to administration. It can be taken twice a day, per period, and more as needed.
  • It offers a variety of mobile and tablet friendly tools that you can access anytime, anywhere.
  • The starting price of the software is $295 for six months.

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3. Lan School

LanSchool is classroom management software with many useful features. It has a simple interface and all the necessary features can be quickly accessed through a simple interface.

This software can save you valuable time. You don't have to go and pick up homework. Your students can submit them and you can use LanSchool to get assignments right away.

The 10 Best Classroom Management Software (4)

LanSchool Key Features

  • Teachers can use the thumbnail view to view each student's screen and easily monitor activities.
  • The teacher can instantly broadcast their screen to the students to enhance the lesson.
  • Teachers can communicate with students through audio chat and messaging. You can chat with individuals or groups of students and quickly answer questions.
  • You can quickly create surveys and quizzes and share the results instantly.
  • All student screens can be dimmed to attract attention, and you can also restrict access to specific websites or apps.
  • You can develop customer-specific tests and evaluate them in real time. The note can be exported to the people involved.

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4. jam

Jamf offers classroom management software for iPad to improve teacher effectiveness and student learning. Jamf software makes it exceptionally easy for teachers to manage their classroom. All you need is an iPad with the Jamf software installed. You can target a specific individual or group and send personalized messages to guide them.

The 10 Best Classroom Management Software (5)

Jamf Main Features

  • Assessments can be done easily and securely with Jamf; You can focus on your students individually, in a group, or the whole class with just a few clicks.
  • Teachers can easily find all the books they need in the iBook Store and distribute them to students.
  • You can ask your students to share their screens on Apple TV and you can present your work saving the extra time needed to launch AirPlay.
  • Jamf allows you to view the battery status of your students' iPads in the classroom.
  • Easily reset lost or forgotten passwords if a student loses access to the iPad.
  • Choose between Jamf Now and Jamf Pro. Starting price is $2/mo.

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5. Mesa

If you're looking for simple, powerful, and innovative classroom management software, Blackboard is the answer. It helps you reach your students in real time. Instructors can easily view course details before starting a class with Course View Ultra.

Creating an assignment is quite easy with Blackboard and students can easily submit it from their screen.

The 10 Best Classroom Management Software (6).

Blackboard Key Features

  • Teachers can quickly start a discussion on the topic, organize the discussion, and students can easily view recent discussions.
  • You can easily create a student profile, add important information, and see everyone taking that particular course.
  • Teachers and students can have personalized communications with a messaging tool, and a teacher can send group messages and course announcements.
  • The instructor can view a complete report of the students such as their assignments, achievements, grades and more to improve their performance.
  • Browser-based web conferencing allows you to connect with your students at any time and they don't need to install anything to join a web conference.

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6. Mitoware

Mythware is classroom management software that allows the teacher to maintain full control of the classroom. You can monitor students, communicate with them, and enhance collaborative learning with Mythware.

It is compatible with all major operating systems like Windows, Android, iOS, and Linux.

The 10 Best Classroom Management Software (7)

Main features of Mythware

  • You can monitor and control the activities of your students by monitoring their screens, launching necessary apps, closing unnecessary apps, and much more.
  • Teachers can distribute files to all students and students can easily send the required files to the teacher.
  • Teachers can easily poll students and the results are instantly generated in the form of bar graphs.
  • The teacher can easily answer the quizzes and the results can be imported into HTML files.
  • The interactive whiteboard allows you to demonstrate the things you want to share by writing and drawing. Students can also share with the teacher on a whiteboard.

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PROCLASS offers all the necessary tools for class management. It is secure and easy-to-use software for continuing education providers, studios, and non-profit organizations. The intuitive dashboard provides easy access to features.

It is very easy to admit students online through a detailed and dedicated client portal. Students can easily access and edit their personal information through the same customer portal.

The 10 Best Classroom Management Software (8)

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Main features of PROCLASS

  • With PROCLASS, you can track the frequency and history of your participants.
  • You can restrict the registration of children or adults.
  • The location and classroom can be easily assigned to students.
  • A record of credits and certifications can be viewed and tracked.
  • Your students can be assigned multiple teachers to an assignment.
  • Course materials for a specific class can be viewed in PROCLASS to quickly create classes.

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8. base

Radix is ​​advanced classroom management software that leverages your students' laptop and tablet, turning them into a learning device. Teachers can mirror their screens to a student's device for a better presentation.

A specific student screen can be selected to answer the questions. You have full control of each student's screen, but you can't distract them from your presentation.

The 10 Best Classroom Management Software (9)

Radix Main Features

  • You can view your students' screens in thumbnail view.
  • Students in a class can be viewed and saved in the software.
  • All connected students and teachers can browse e-books and websites together with the help of this software.
  • The teacher can send assignments and files to the students and the students can send them to the teacher immediately.
  • The Raise Hand feature allows the student to gain special attention when they are confused.
  • The teacher can choose to see only selected apps on the devices, blocking all unnecessary software.
  • The teacher can take a survey or quiz and get results instantly.

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9. Class diagrams

ClassCharts is a class management software developed by a group of experienced teachers. This allows teachers to control the behavior of their students. You can give students credit and apply penalties for misconduct with just a few clicks.

It can be used to notify parents via email or app. The artificial intelligence built into this software automatically analyzes behavior across different seating plans and suggests the best seating plans for optimal performance.

The 10 Best Classroom Management Software (10)

Main features of ClassCharts

  • The software automatically generates real-time behavior reports to see progress and decline in performance for each student, which can then be reported to the appropriate staff.
  • You can easily create and rearrange the best seating plans for students.
  • Teacher and parent can share specific information and discuss for better teacher-parent interaction.
  • The powerful data wall feature allows you to select specific students, analyze their performance and share it with the relevant authorities.
  • You can easily create assignments in minutes and embed an assignment calendar on your school website so parents and students always know what's expected. There are also apps for iOS and Android to make sharing easy.
  • Software pricing starts at $295/year.

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10. Control de red

The latest classroom management software on this list is Net Control and it offers many unique features for efficient classroom management. Presentations are made easy with Net Control as teachers can broadcast their screens to students and also activate voice and add photos. Teachers can monitor students in real time by viewing their computers.

The 10 Best Classroom Management Software (11)

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NetControl Main Features

  • Communication between students and teachers can be done through various means such as chat, voice, graphic message and more.
  • Teachers can take an instant quiz, polls, and more.
  • The teacher can restrict websites and apps to prevent distractions.
  • Send out worksheets to students and collect them when needed, sorting them into folders.
  • You can grade student work, reward students, and use the built-in planner to plan lessons.
  • You can prevent students from accessing unwanted apps and websites.
  • It allows you to collaborate where you can play media files together with students, open necessary applications and documents on student computers, and browse websites synchronously.
  • You have a variety of options to choose from: NetControl 2 Small Class, NetControl 2 Class, Unlimited License, and Net Control Pro. The starting price is $169.

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Classroom management software can provide teachers and parents with deeper insight into student progress and behavior. It is very helpful to involve students in the learning process. Classroom management software can work with your school's learning management system and student information system.

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