Stardew Valley: How to befriend Marnie (2023)

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An animal lover and local farmer, Marnie is a good friend in Stardew Valley. This is how players can earn them.

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Marnie is known among them.Stardew-TalPlayers for her love of animals, her secret relationship with Mayor Lewis, and her frustrating and frequent absences at the checkout counter at his store. Despite that last detail, she remains a fan favorite thanks to her kind and gentle demeanor.

She is also a useful friend, especiallyat the beginning of the game. Players who are on Marnie's good side can receive free recipes and hay, or enter her room to get Lewis' purple shorts. Whatever the player's endgame is, or if they just want to meet her, here's a guide on how to befriend Marnie.Stardew-Tal.

Updated February 22, 2023 by Demaris Oxman:The characters that populate Pelican Town are one of the main reasons for this.Stardew-Talit's had this staying power since its release. One such character is local farmer Marnie, a kind person and helpful friend to have around. When she tries to make new friends in her new home, gifts are a great way to win the affections of the residents of Pelican Town, but what does Marnie like? And more importantly, where can players find these items? To help new players and veterans alike, this guide has been updated to include more information on the gifts Marnie loves and how to get them, as well as more detailed information on her movie preferences and quests that increase her level of skill. friendship.

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What gifts does Marnie like?

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Like all the villagersGifts are the way to Marnie's heart. Of course, not all gifts are created equal: she will appreciate some more than others, while terrible gifts will offend her. Remember that every gift is givenhis birthday, 18, is worth 8 times the usual friendship points. Here is the list of gifts that Marnie likes and loves.

loved gifts

The following items are ideal gifts for Marnie that the player earns.80 friendship points.If you're trying to win her over, save these items to give to her, especially on her birthday:

  • universal love:Prismatic Shard, Pearl, Magical Sugar Candy, Golden Pumpkin, Rabbit's Foot
    • Ogolden pumpkinit is the easiest to find, as players can acquire one each year by completing the maze at the Spirit's Eve festival.
    • Orabbit's footit can drop if the player has one or more rabbits in their farm cage and makes them happy.
    • a beadcan be found by playing the Siren's Song correctly in the Night Market, or can be found occasionallya fish pond where puffer fish are kept.
    • Prismatic Shardsthey are the rarest gems in the game. There are several ways that players can get them;Click here for full instructions.
    • magic caramel Sold every Thursday at the Desert Merchant for three Prismatic Shards. However, since Prismatic Shards are also a popular gift across industries, this is not a cheap trade if players tend to use Magic Rock Candy as a gift.
  • diamante,which players can often find in the lower levels of the mines.
  • Cooked meals:
    • there was dewMade from wheat flour, egg, sugar and melon. This recipe is obtained by watching the Willow Queen in Summer 21, Year 2.
    • pumpkin pie,made from pumpkin, wheat flour, milk and sugar. Learn this recipe from the Willow Queen on Winter 21, Year 1.
    • peasant bread,made with tortilla and parsnips. Players get this recipe at farming level 3.

fallen presents

The player brings these gifts.45 friendship points– not as much as the previous gifts, but still a significant amount. This list also includes a lot more items, so players are more likely to have one of these in their inventory.

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  • Owner,except Empty Egg. Collect them from the chickens in the chicken coop.
  • Dairy,which players can get from the cows and goats in their barn.
  • Quartz,often sought after in the mines.
  • Flor,except poppy. Crocuses and snap peas are good choices, as they can be harvested in winter and summer, respectively.
  • fruits of fruit trees:Apple, Apricot, Orange, Peach, Pomegranate, Cherry. players canGrow these trees from seedlings.bought from Pierre.
  • craft items,except Olive Oil and Void Mayonnaise. Items like wine, jam, pickles, and honey make great gifts for Marnie.
  • Othersprecious stonesnot mentioned above (eg ruby, emerald, topaz) that players can find in the mines.

Unloved and hated gifts

Each of the following gifts will diminish rather than strengthen Marnie's relationship with the farmer. Hated gifts lead to a greater loss of friendship than unwanted ones; However, players should never give him any of the following:

  • Mora
  • Seetang
  • wild horseradish
  • Stechpalme
  • craft suppliesasclay, coal,miEra
  • Rohfish
  • Elements created, includingFences, Pumps, Sprinklers, Floors, Baits, Fertilizers, etc.
  • Geodenmimineral geodes

movie sets

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Like all the villagersas soon as the movie starts, players canGive Marnie a movie ticketinvite her to a presentation. Depending on how much Marnie likes the movie and the concessions, players can winup to 250 friendship points. Fortunately for the players, Marnie is never dissatisfied with the movie being shown that day; she maybe she just likes the movie experience itself.

  • beloved movies(200 points): The wonder of Coldstar Ranch, set in unique winters.
  • fallen movies(100 points): Everyone else.
  • unpopular movies(0 points): None.
  • dear concessions(50 points): Ice Cream Sandwich, Stardrop Ice Cream
  • fallen concessions(25 points): All others not listed below.
  • unpopular concessions(0 points): Black Licorice, Potato Chips, JojaCola, JojaCorn, Nachos, Salted Peanuts, Truffle Popcorn


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Like the rest of the townspeople, Marnie may occasionally post a Help Wanted search on theinformation panelin front of Pierre's shop. If you bring him the desired item, the player wins.150 friendship points.Additionally, Marnie will ask the player for help with the following quests:

joy cow

In Fall 3, Marnie sends the player a letter in the mail. She asks the player to bring someAmaranth, Mention that it is your cows' favorite treat. If brought to him, he will reward the player with 500g and their friendship will beincrease by one heart.

To complete the order, players must purchase Amaranth Seeds from Pierre's Shop for 35g. These seeds take 7 days to fully mature, after which they are harvested with a sickle.

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marnie's request

When Marnie reaches three hearts, she asks the player to bring her one.cave carrotthat she wants to wearHelp her train goats. Players are rewarded for their efforts with 100 friendship points and a charming scene where a goat tries to perform a trick.

To find cave carrots, go to the mines. By digging underground with the hoe, players should be able to easily dig up these roots.

benefits of friendship

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As mentioned above, becoming friends with Marnie has its advantages. Below are theincomethat sends out to the player once they reach certain friendship levels.

  • pale warm:SentThree hearts.Although there are no benefits to this recipe, it is stillcook profitable dishand useful for converting a common ingredient into a source of energy. It only requires 2 white algae to craft and restore 125 energy and 56 health.
  • Rhubarb Pie:Sentseven hearts. Another lucrative recipe, rhubarb pie, also has a place on many villagers' darling gift lists. Players can make it out of rhubarb, wheat flour, and sugar. Consuming it restores 215 energy and 96 health.

In addition to these recipes, Marnie can also send the player30 Heuin the mail. This is especially useful during the winter of Year 1, when some players have trouble feeding their animals.

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