Ranking Of Keanu Reeves' 20 Most Popular Movie Roles, From Worst To Best (2023)

While Keanu Reeves is perhaps best known for a few roles, such as Neo inHeadquartersjJohn Docht, the actor has had a career spanning over three decades. During that time, he never committed to a specific genre or style. In fact, he's acted in everything from period dramas to laughable comedies, as well as his more famous action film appearances.

While the actor is more popular than ever right now, that doesn't mean every movie he's appeared in has been great. Sure, there are plenty of blockbusters that proved incredibly successful, but there are also plenty of flops that moviegoers and critics alike hate. One can't always fault Keanu Reeves' performance, as even the most talented actor alive might not have been able to save the worst movies he's ever been in.


20 Minnesota seems to have tried absolutely nothing new.

With an all-star cast that includes the likes of Keanu Reeves, Cameron Diaz and Dan Aykroyd, one would assume thatminnesota sensationit would be a safe bet. However, the crime comedy was heavily derivative of other films at the time and failed to do anything original.

19 Exposed suffered a lot of studio interference

the 2016 movieexposeintended to be a critical examination of the actions of authoritarian states. It would have focused on police brutality, mass incarceration and sexual abuse, but it wassubject to processing by Lionsgate officers, which focused on the character of Keanu Reeves and produced an average crime thriller.

18 The Sci-Fi Thriller's Chain Reaction Is Completely Bewildering

WhileChain reactionIt certainly has an impressive cast when it comes to its cast, with its interesting premise being marred by both poor storytelling and an overreliance on action scenes. By the end of the film, it's hard to say exactly what happened.

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17 Spare parts have aged very badly

The substitutionsIt might not have been the world's worst movie when it was first released in 2000, but it's been viewed less favorably as of late, thanks to some sexist comments in the film. Not watching sports comedy is not a big mistake.

sixteen The day the earth stood still is nothing spectacular

There is nothing terribly spectacularThe Day the Earth Stood Still. Released in 2008 to moderate success at the box office, the sci-fi thriller became a cult hit. That said, while there were great special effects, the story lacked a meaningful narrative and felt like an inferior remake.

15 Martial arts movie 47 Ronin was mediocre

Although47 roninsThe martial arts film, which initially received critical acclaim for its stunning visual style, proved to be a financial bomb when it hit theaters in 2013. This was mainly due to the negative reviews it received from critics.

14 Bill and Ted's Mock Trip Isn't As Good As The First Movie

in some waysBill and Ted's Mock TripIt's a better film than its predecessor. The character of Death, played by William Sadler, was a great addition. Sadly, it pretty much followed the same formula as the first film without bringing much else to the party.

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13 The Matrix Revolutions is the worst of the trilogy

It's impossible to think of Keanu Reeves and not imagine him as NeoHeadquartersFranchise.While the first film was the perfect package, each sequel has taken it a step further. In the last film, the story became convoluted and clunky, and not even Keanu Reeves could save the ending.

12 Hardball is a generic sports comedy

To stayis a 2001 sports comedy starring Keanu Reeves alongside Diane Lane and John Hawkes and a young Michael B. Jordan. While not groundbreaking, it's certainly a better experience than his previous film.The substitutions.

11 Constantine lacks the sparkle of the source material

There is a bit of debate among people about whetherKonstantinIt's actually a good movie. Based on DC comics.light jacket, made an impressive theatrical debut, but was lost in adapting the source material. However, the excellent acting and camera work help make it stand out a little.

10 The Matrix Reloaded is a good sequel

array reloadedreleased with much fanfare. Its predecessor was a huge success and fans were eager to see what the same team could do again in a sequel. Unfortunately, it lacked the precise, concise plot of the first film and became overly dependent on special effects.

9 Point Break is the best action movie of the 90's.

breaking pointIt was one of Keanu Reeves' first major roles in Hollywood. While it wasn't a huge success at the box office, it has since gained a cult following and is still enjoyed by a dedicated group of fans to this day. Reeves himself gave an outstanding performance.

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8 Devil's Advocate is a thoughtful horror

Launched in 1997,Devil's Advocateis a horror film in which Al Pacino plays Satan. The supernatural elements sometimes confuse things in the plot, but the character development and the fun fight between Reeves and Pacino are worth watching.Devil's AdvocateYou can see its age, but it's not bad.

7 John Wick is an excellent action movie

EJohn Dochttaught us that you should never kill the pup of an ex-murderer. The neo-noir action thriller turned out to be a surprise hit and launched an entire franchise that has seen Keanu Reeves gain a new legion of fans in recent years.

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6 Toy Story 4 will be another Pixar classic

Keanu Reeves doesn't play a particularly big role intoy story 4,He even delivers a memorable performance in the latest chapter of Pixar's iconic franchise. Voiced by Canadian daredevil Duke Caboom, the film is easily one of Reeves' most acclaimed films.

5 Speed ​​is an integral part of popular culture

The 1994 filmspeedIt will likely be familiar to many even if they haven't seen the actual movie, simply because it's been parodied so much in popular culture. Opposite Sandra Bullock, Reeves delivered a subtle but relatable performance that made up for the silliness of the premise.

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4 John Wick: Chapter 2 improved pretty much every area

It's always hard for a sequel to top its predecessor, especially when the first film is such an incredible success. ButJohn Wick: Chapter 2did just that, including some even more over-the-top action that was carefully choreographed and captured on camera with great cinematography.

3 Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure Shows Off Reeves' Comedic Skills

Bill and Ted's Excellent AdventureUpon its initial release in 1989, it proved to be a cult hit. Ted is easily one of Reeves' most well-known and beloved roles, proving that he had a talent for comedy as well as more serious roles.

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2 John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum Perfects the Franchise Formula

Catching lightning twice might seem unlikely, but the team behind it pulled it off.John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellumhe did this three times in a row. Each entry in the franchise improved upon the previous one. This is partly due to the experience the team gained creating the previous films, but also because of the additional lore they can delve into.

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1 The Matrix remains groundbreaking to this day

Although it was released more than 20 years ago,HeadquartersIt remains one of the best and most influential films of all time. It brought science fiction movies back into the mainstream and introduced fans to the strange world of computers and the machines that monitor them. A fascinating story, breathtaking special effects and great performances make this Reeves' best film.

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