Is the Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate worth it? (2023)


Ipsy introduced its first Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate back in October, and overall, it wasn't bad at all. However, there were some questionable things about Ipsy's first Glam Bag Ultimate.

Is the Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate worth it? (1)

Let's get straight to the point:

  1. Many repeat products from previous months
  2. Ista Betty Boop torba za Ipsy Glam Bag Plus i Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate
  3. It wasn't easy to tell the difference between full-size products and luxury products.
  4. Double products for Ipsy subscribers who subscribe to other Ipsy subscription exchanges
  5. A change in Ipsy's strategy

Many repeat products from previous months

Some of the products have already been distributed by Ipsy.

Now while this isn't necessarily a bad thing, especially for those subscribers who haven't received these products in the past, it really hasn't added much for those customers who have already received the main ones.

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Ista Betty Boop torba za Ipsy Glam Bag Plus i Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate

Although Ipsy did its best to alleviate this problem by adding additional products to subscriber bags, the damage had already been done.

Therefore, adding an additional product that most subscribers did not care about at all did not improve the situation.

Is the Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate worth it? (2)

However, as of November, the brand has secured the use of three different designs. However, while some Ipsy subscribers like the design, others were not thrilled with the design.

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Is the Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate worth it? (3)

You can't really blame them, because everyone has different tastes, and you generally can't please everyone.

What I thought about the bags... It's fine by me and I say fine only because I really like the print and because I'm still giddy from October's Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate.

Let subscribers choose if they want a makeup bag

All things considered though, I think they should give subscribers a choice if they want a makeup bag.

Bags generally don't bother me. I usually easily restock ipsy glam makeup bags, so I don't have a problem with them. However, this is not the case for everyone.

Now, when you factor in the subscribers to all of Ipsy's makeup bag subscriptions, those makeup bags can add up pretty quickly.

However, getting rid of the bag entirely is not a good idea because the bag is part of the Ipsy brand identity.

So I can still keep the bags. However, give customers a choice: if they want a bag, give them one, if not, send them glamorous bags without makeup bags.

It wasn't easy to tell the difference between full-size products and luxury products.

Differentiating between full-size and luxury products was a job that infuriated me. All things considered, this was highly suspicious, and it shouldn't have been.

In the same way that I can add "You Selected" and "Extra" tags, I can also add tags to show which products are full-size and which are deluxe. No one should have to guess what is full size or deluxe, just saying.

(Video) IPSY GLAM BAG ULTIMATE | SEPT 2020 | UNBOXING & TRY ON | Was it worth it?

So they didn't add it online, okay... Guess what? They also did not differentiate the products in the product note that comes with the bag. In fact, to add insult to injury, they did not include pricing or product information. Therefore, they did not provide information to help underwriters evaluate the exchange.

Overall, it looks like these product note cards were intentionally not added to these boxes due to the crazy backlash they've already caused online for the release of the not-so-great Glam Bag Ultimate.

Mi@IPSYThe ultimate glam bag and bag is finally here 😁
Unfortunately, prices are not included to show you the full value of the boxes.#ipsy #Discover yourself #subscriptions#monthly subscription #glambatorba #glambagultimna #ipster #beauty #beautyblog #blogger

— Luisa_mua (@LuiisaMua)November 19, 2019

Basically, it's just makeup, right? But when these details are omitted, the question arises, what were they hiding?

I mean, if they trust the value built into their Ultimate Glam bag, why would they hide the prices and not differentiate between full-size and luxury products?

To be fair, they do not list the prices of the items on the product card of their original glam bag.

However, when one of the main marketing strategies for the Ultimate bag offered 8 full-size products and 4 deluxe products, it is strange that they do not clarify what is full-size and what is deluxe. All in all, shady, shady, just shady.

I hope they change that in the future, but I'm not counting on that right now.

Dual products for Ipsy subscribers enrolled in other Ipsy subscription programs

Some subscribers, including me, who subscribed to more than one bag, received duplicate products. Now although I was disappointed, it wasn't a big deal for me, I just wanted them to exchange one of the products before the bags shipped.

It was a launch after all, so I didn't expect everything to fall into place. However, the double shock was not supposed to happen. All in all, if they weren't ready for launch, it should have been delayed.

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However, if you received duplicates and wanted to exchange one of the products, Ipsy would offer you 1,200 points that you could then redeem for a full-size product. I got 1200 points for the duplicates, but contacting Ipsy was another task.

The question is why is it so hard to find contact information for Ipsy? Seriously, I've been here looking for the Ipsy customer service email address longer than I should have.

In general, a customer service email address must be set up on each account. Nobody needs to ask for it. I guess I can always message them on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, but I personally prefer to send an email.

Imagine if I sent you two emails about the duplicates in the first Ultimate bag and the first email I used was wrong... So your customers were guessing which email to use. If you are trying to contact them, try Good luck.

A change in Ipsy's strategy

It seems that there was a change of strategy. Don't get me wrong, Ipsy is not a non-profit organization, so yes, they are in it to make money.

I feel you. I just received the latest glam bag this month and I was quite disappointed. I'm thinking of canceling. I would rather get a product fromSephorawhich you would actually use over a lot of dust collectors.

—Patrick McKinney (@Peetrick90)November 13, 2019

However, after receiving the last three Ipsy Glam Bag Plus and my first Ipsy Glam Ultimate, creating value to truly satisfy current and potential customers is no longer their primary focus.

So they changed management? Has the "smartest person in the room" left? Different strategies in general? How does it happen?

Your focus now seems to have changed from:

  • Create amazing FOMO subscription beauty bags and race to the finish line to...
  • Let's see how many accessories we can influence customers to buy by ignoring their preferences and adding less-than-wanted products to their bags.

I mean, someone had to say that, and honestly, I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one. Yet his greed is visible, and only on another level.

Don't get me wrong, I'm here for the plugins, but when it comes to adding most of the products I really want right now, there's a problem. Especially when my profile information matches those products.

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¿Es el primer Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate Box Is Shady?

Yes, the Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate was fishy as hell – we definitely got ripped off and some subscribers legitimately demanded a refund.

While some subscribers have received refunds, others have signed a petition for a refund. Yes report! HA HA HA! Things got very bad, very fast for Ipsy.

@Ipsy:#Ipsythey will have to return the money#GlamBagUltimatesubscribers due to#super promisingand poor preparation – Sign the petition! it@Change

— Heather Curp (@HCurp)November 2, 2019

In general, was the report requested? Yes, especially when you consider that many Ipsy subscribers who received Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate were able to skip Glam Bag Ultimate for the Glam Bag ($12) and Glam Bag Plus ($25) and save $13 because we didn't really get 8 full-size products.

Is the Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate worth it?

It depends on the strategy you use. Personally I still think the Ipsy Glam Bags are worth it. However, now I pay more attention to the bags I order.

While I'm still subscribed to all three exchanges, I'm skipping them accordingly. For example, if I don't like spoilers or there aren't enough spoilers to make an informed buying decision, I just skip them.

Now, if they ever remove the skip option, I'll probably ditch them entirely. However, until then these benefits continue to exist:

  1. They still offer some amazing, high-quality beauty products in the retail value category.
  2. They offer flexibility, which means you can skip future bags as you see fit.

In short, if she had to choose a bag, it would be her original Glam Bag. Simply because you can add full size products for a great price.

Hopefully, all things considered, I can go back to the drawing board and make some changes or just take notes from Boxy becauseBoxyCharmThe Luxe launch wasn't that great, but they've come around great and now I'm sure they're laughing all the way to the bank.

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Is the Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate worth it? ›

Get the Glam Bag and receive 5 deluxe samples every month for just $13. And if you are looking for full size products, you can very easily upgrade to Plus, or splurge on the Glam Bag X once a quarter for just $55.

Does everyone get the same products from IPSY? ›

Stick With Us. Our goal is to help you discover brands and products you haven't tried before, so we personalize each shipment to ensure that you rarely receive a repeat product. We also do our best to avoid sending you a product from the same brand or category too soon.

What is the difference between glam bag and glam bag plus? ›

About the Brand

Members take a short quiz to personalize their beauty preferences, then choose between two memberships. Glam Bag subscribers receive 5 deluxe samples for $13 per month, while Glam Bag Plus subscribers receive 5 full-size products for $28 per month.

How many products do you get with IPSY glam bag plus? ›

Every month, you'll get to choose 1 product and you'll receive 4 other products customized to your beauty preferences.

Can you cancel IPSY at any time? ›

Cancellation for Membership: Policy: You may cancel your Membership at any time by logging into your account, clicking on Account/Edit Account Settings/Membership, and following the cancellation procedures described there. If you need help, please email us at .

Is it difficult to cancel IPSY? ›

There are several ways to cancel your IPSY subscription: online, via your Apple or Android device, by email, or by chat directly on the IPSY website. Cancelling subscriptions is easy, with just a few steps.

How do I get the best out of IPSY? ›

The Hack: If you want to pick one of your items, be sure to subscribe before the first of the month of which you want to receive your first IPSY Glam Bag. Choice day is usually around the 20th to the 25th the month prior, so subscribe just before Choice day to get the opportunity to participate.

How are IPSY products so cheap? ›

Why Is IPSY So Cheap? One of the major reasons why IPSY is cheap can be traced back to the brand sponsorships it does. These brands, when launching new product lines, not only compensate IPSY for the additional exposure but likely provide the products free of charge.

Can you skip IPSY glam bag plus? ›

Click on the three lines (located at the top of the page on a computer, and at the bottom of the screen on a mobile device), then click on "Account" Click "View Membership" Click "Skip a Month"

Did IPSY get rid of glam bag plus? ›

For those of you who don't know, IPSY and Boxycharm officially merged. The first merged box will be in April so this is the last of the IPSY Glam Bag Plus boxes. In the future this subscription will be called Boxycharm.

Are refreshments on IPSY free? ›

Refreshments is a membership of clean face, body, home, and self care accessory essentials at an extraordinary value for members who want to jazz up their everyday routines. Member pricing starts at $2 (20-30% off MSRP!).

Can you buy full size products on IPSY? ›

Think of it as your all-access pass to the most-coveted brands, hottest launches, and need-to-try products in beauty—and you even get to choose three of your full-size products every shipment.

Can you pay for a year of IPSY? ›

$143 Yearly

Pay upfront and get 1+ month free. Delivered monthly.

Does IPSY charge you the first month? ›

When You Sign Up: We'll bill you upon signing up and send you the current month's subscription order if there are spots available. If not, you'll get next month's subscription order. Keep an eye on your IPSY account for updates about your first shipment. Your membership will automatically renew until you cancel.

How long does it take to get your first IPSY bag? ›

When Will I Get My Bag? Your bag will arrive approximately two weeks after we successfully bill your credit card, which reflects the time we need to curate the personalized products in your assortment, pack everything up, and then mail it to you via standard shipping.

What is the IPSY handling fee? ›

*If you're a new member, find more information here about when you'll be billed for your first order. Note: A small handling fee of $1.99 is applied to all subscription shipments, plus applicable state taxes for U.S. members or a small shipping fee for Canadian members.

Can I shop on IPSY without a membership? ›

Yes! You'll be able to buy individual Refreshments products on

How many people are subscribed to IPSY? ›

Ipsy has over 3.5 million subscribers presently enrolled in its Glam Bag service - one million more than its nearest rival Birchbox - so it will be interesting to see the difference Glam Bag Plus makes.

Why is IPSY charging me twice? ›

It's likely the second charge you're seeing is a pending charge and should drop off. If you're still seeing both charges in your account after a few business days, please reach out to us for assistance, and provide us with your full billing address so we can look into it!

What happens if I cancel my IPSY subscription? ›

If you cancel your annual membership, you'll still receive the remainder of your prepaid subscription orders, but your membership will not renew for another year.

What is the difference between BoxyCharm and IPSY? ›

The main differences between Ipsy and Boxycharm are: BoxyCharm costs around $25 per month for 5 full sized beauty products, whereas IPSY Glam Bag cost $12 for 5 products of varying size. IPSY is slightly more customizable based on your preferences, whereas everyone receives the same BoxyCharm box each month.

Can you cancel IPSY and get a refund? ›

All orders are final at the time they're placed and cannot be canceled. Please note that we do not offer refunds, returns, or exchanges.

Does everyone get the same products in BoxyCharm? ›

BoxyCharm costs around $25 per month for 5 full sized beauty products, whereas IPSY Glam Bag cost $12 for 5 products of varying size. IPSY is slightly more customizable based on your preferences, whereas everyone receives the same BoxyCharm box each month.

Does everyone get the same thing in BoxyCharm? ›

BoxyCharm base subscribers get to choose one item in their upcoming box; the rest are customized based on your preferences (not all subscribers receive the same box). Charmers can also upgrade to the Premium membership and receive more products and more customization options.

What kind of stuff do you get from IPSY? ›

IPSY is a beauty subscription service that delivers a set of personalized beauty products straight to your door, making it easier to discover your new go-tos, feed your passion for beauty, and try your favorite brands at an incredible value.


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