Internal matter - Τασμώτα (2023)

The protocol in question is highly experimental.

Matter is only compatible with ESP32x based devices and requires a specific version of s#define USE_MATTER_DEVICE

Implementation notes follow for understanding and expanding the material.

The pluggable system is designed to have different implementations for different types of devices or sensors. Each Matter endpoint manages an instance of the plugin class.

O'clockroot(0) drivetema.Plugin_Rootclass because of their special behavior.

We currently offer the following courses:

Klasa pluggable Description
Connect the device General device (abstract)
Plugin_OnOff Simple on/off plug (typ.0x010A)
Addition_Light0 Light with 0 channels (OnOff) (type 0x0100)
Complement_Light1 1-channel light (Dimmer) (type 0x0101)
Complement_Light2 2-Channel Light (CT) (Type 0x010C)
Complement_Light3 3-channel (RGB) light (type 0x010D)
Plugin_Sensor General sensor class (summary)
Add_Sensor_Temp Temperature sensor (tip 0x0302)
Complemento_Sensor_Presion Pressure sensor (type 0x0305)
Complement_Sensor_Light Light sensor/sensor (type 0x0106)
Complement_Sensor_Humidity Humidity sensor (type 0x0307)

extra elegant~

All plugins inherit fromMatter_Pluginnadklasa.

Note: You must be logged in for consolidation to workclass Matter_Plugin enddummy class in the same Berry. The actual class will be used in the commit code.

add method Description
init (device, endpoint) (can be overridden) Present the plugin to the specifiedfinal point. Debes pasar rootdevice_themeobject etc

theme.device root /device_theme~

device_themeis the unit forsubject Deviceit is created automatically at startup. Check if Matter is enabled (SetOption151 1) and integrates all subsystems.

Device features~

device variables Description
additions Descriptionapartment.Plugin().
Each plugin manages a separate endpoint and associated gadget behavior
sup_server example ofhousing.UDPServer()and is used to (re)send and receive UDP packets
message_manager example ofpregunta.MessageHandler(), manages the sending of incoming packets to the corresponding layers.
sessions example ofwhat.Session_Store()containing a listthing.Session()
All active persistent and non-persistent sessions are listed here and are used to send incoming packets
The session is also associated withClothwhen he insisted
user interface example ofmatter.UI()
Handles the web interface for the theme.

When the commissioning is open, the following variables are used:

start variables Description
open_assignment timestamp for start timeout (millis()) ornulaif it is closed
repeat_tasks current number of iterations of PBKDF
distinction_assignment distinction_assignment
salt_assignment sal actual
start-up_w0 currently w0 (SPAKE2+)
commissioning_L current L (SPAKE2+)
release_instance_wifi randomcast instance name (mDNS)
eth_effect_assignment randomcast instance name (mDNS)

The following values ​​are used for the default startup (and can be changed via the user interface):

root startup variables Description
root_discriminator asAnd t
root_passcode asAnd t
root_repeats Number of PBKDF iterations
PBKDF information is used only during PASE (posted after)

device methods~

method Description
start_root_basic_commissioning(timeout_s) Run basic setup with root/UI parameters
Open the window towaiting time_s(default 10 minutes)
remove_fabric(tela) Remove the fabric and remove all corresponding mDNS entries and values
start_basic_commissioning(timeout_s, iterations, discriminator, salt, w0, L, admin_fabric) Start the basic launch window with custom parameters
is_root_commissioning_open() Root mode is currently enabled. Mainly so that the UI knows if it should display the QRCode.
stop_basic_commissioning() Stop executing PASE, which is usually called when CASE is about to be executed
compute_qrcode_content() Calculation of QR code content: can only be performed for root PASE
manual_compute_pairing_code() Calculate 11-digit manual pairing code (no vendor or manufacturer) p.223
can only be done for root PASS (we need a password, but we don't get it with the OpenCommissioningWindow command)
each second() Send another resolver flag to: sessions, messagehandler, plugins.
End of start-up window.
Call the loop Tasmota.
start_operational_discovery_delayed(sesión) Start operational discovery for this session
Delay until next clutch.
start_commissioning_complete_deferred(sesión) Start commissioning Ready for this session
Delay until next clutch.
start_operational_discovery(session) Start operational discovery for this session
Stop basic configuration and remove certain PASS values ​​(to save memory). Fabric registration announcement in mDNS.
start_commissioning_complete(sesion) Commissioning completed
Stop basic commissioning.
get_active_endpoints (exclude_zero) Returns a list of endpoints of all (different) plugins, excluding the null endpoint ifexclude_zeroeshe says
save_param() Parameters of the Persistence of Matter device
load_parameter() Load Theme Device Parameters

Incoming message delivery

method Description
msg_received(raw, address, port) Redial when a message is received.
I'm sending youmessage_manager
msg_send (crudo, adr, puerto, id) Global entry point for sending a message.
confirmation_received(id) Signs that it is accepted.
agentsudp_serverbe removed from the forwarding list.
function_updated(endpoint, cluster, function, fabric_specific) Point out that a feature has changed and pass on any active subscriptions.
extender_process_attributes(ctx, cb) Go to attribute extension (used for read/write/subscribe attribute)
It is only called when an extension is needed, so we don't have to report errors because they are ignored.

callscb(pi, ctx, direct)for each extended feature.
Pi: The plugin instance to which the attribute is directed (via a trailing dot). Note: Nothing is sent if the attribute is not declared in the plugin's supported attributes.
ctx: environment object withfinal point,complex,Feature(Yeahmandate)
directly:he saysif the function is directed directly,falselyif specified as part with wildcards
returns:he saysif processed successfully,falselyif an error occurred. Yeahdirectly, an error is returned to the caller, but if expanded, the error is silently ignored and the attribute is ignored.
in case yesdirectlybut the endpoint/cluster/feature is not supported, callscb(nula, ctx, istina)so you have a chance to code the correct error (UNSUPPORTED_ENDPOINT / UNSUPPORTED_CLUSTER / UNSUPPORTED_ATTRIBUTE / UNREPORTABLE_ATTRIBUTE)

invoke_request(sesija, val, ctx) Manage theme plugins
Plugins allow you to specify responses to read/write attributes and command calls


method Description
init(raw, address, port, id) Create a raw UDP packet withbyte()content, destination address (string) and port (int). YeahID cardIt is notnulaok until accepted
shipping (plug) Send the package now. Returnhe sayswhether the packet was sent successfully.


method Description
start_mdns_announce_hostnames() Start mDNS and advertise hostnames for Wifi and ETH from MAC
When the ad is active,wifi_host_nameihostname_ethare defined
mdns_announcement_PASS() MDNS notification for PASE commissioning
mdns_ukloni_PASE() MDNS removes all PASE ads
mdns_announce_op_discovery_all_fabrics() Initiate UDP mDNS transfer advertisements for all ongoing sessions
mdns_announce_op_discovery(tkanina) Start UDP mDNS advertisements for startup
mdns_remove_op_discovery_all_fabrics() Remove all mDNS advertisements for all structures
mdns_remove_op_discovery(tkanina) Remove mDNS advertisement for fabric
save_before_restart() Try removing the MDNS entries before rebooting.
Calls the Tasmota loop as the Tasmota handler.

UDPServer class~

This class creates a monad (singleton) responsible for receiving and sending all UDP packets. Packets being sent are typically queued and returned exponentially until they are acknowledged by the receiver (as part of the payload over UDP) or after a maximum number of retries.

method Description
init(address, port) Start listening on UDP serveraddiLucas(choose). By default the server is listening""(all addresses) and port5540
begin (c.b.) Start the server. Register as a device operator in Tasmota.
cb(paquete, from_addr, from_port): callback to call when a message is received.
Throw an exception if something goes wrong.
to stop() Shut down the server and remove the driver
every_50ms() On each label: Verify that the package has arrived and is being shippedcb. Read at most 'MAX_PACKETS_READ (4) packets per flag to avoid starvation.
Then send the outgoing packets to the queue again.
_forward_packet() Resend packets if the recipient has not acknowledged them with a direct acknowledgment packet or embedded in another packet. Packages withID card=nulathey don't care
Packets are forwarded at mostREPLAYS(4) times, that is, sent a maximum of 5 times. The exponential backoff is added after each resend.
If all iterations are complete, remove the package and log in.
acceptance_received() After receiving the confirmation, delete the package from the sender
send_response (sin procesar, adr, puerto, id, session_id) Send the packet, put it in the queueID cardIt is notnula.
session idit is only used for login.

message handler~

device_for_material.message_processoris the unit forsubject.MessageHandler

Send incoming messages and send outgoing messages

Message Handler Variables Description
device reference to globaldevice_themeexample
task Visualization of the work environment, management of the PASE/CASE phases
soy example forpredmet.IMinteraction model manipulation

General methods:

method Description
start (device) Manufacturer, indicates units fortaskisoy
msg_received(raw, address, port) they called fromdevice_themewhen the message is received.
- decodes the message header
- associates the message with the corresponding active session or creates a new session
- missions intaskhesoydepending on the type of message
- sends an Ack packet if the received packet had onereliablethe flag is set even if the Ack identifier was not already on the top stack.
send_response (sin procesar, adr, puerto, id, session_id) Send the package. Proxy in the same methoddevice


It implements TLV encoding and decoding as defined in Appendix A of the Matter specification. TLV stands for Tag Length Value Encoding. It is a way of encoding labeled values ​​and structures in a compact binary form. Most Matter messages are TLV-encoded.

Analysis and impression:m = matter.TLV.parse(b) print(m)

TLV Types~

Advice Description
I1 I2 I4 A signed integer up to (1/2/4) bytes (as a 32-bit Berry-style signature)
U1 U2 U4 Integer integer in most bytes (1/2/4) (as a signed 32-bit Berry type, be careful when comparing. Usesubject.Number.is_larger(a,b))
i8 u8 Signed/unsigned 8 bytes. you can passproblem (8),int64()heAnd t. The type is collapsed to a lower type if possible during encoding.
bik boolean takehe saysifalsely. remove the insideSHE IS RIGHTierrorthat you don't need to use
FLOAT 32 bite float
UTF1 UTF2 String as UTF, size is automatically encoded as 1 or 2 bytes
B1 B2 thickbyte(), the size is automatically encoded as 1 or 2 bytes
NULA take onlynulavalor
(internal) Use by subtraction
B4 B8
strict in tasmata

Create a TLV~

simple price:subject.TLV.create_TLV(type, value)

Example:materia.TLV.create_TLV(materia.TLV.UTF1, "Hello world") materia.TLV.create_TLV(materia.TLV.BOOL, true) material.TLV.create_TLV(material.TLV.NULL, μηδέν) materia.TLV.create_TLV(materia.TLV.FLOAT, 3.5) materia.TLV.create_TLV(materia.TLV.I2, -345) materia.TLV.create_TLV(materia.TLV.U8, bytes("DEADBEEFDEADBEEF"))

When the subscription is issued by the initiator, we create a copy of itsubject.IM_Subscriptionwho owns:

  • HeCASE sessionto which the subscription was issued. If the session is closed, the subscription is removed. Subscriptions don't last and end after a reboot
  • record_id(int) is used to tell the launcher what subscription it is
  • list_coulddescriptionmatter wayinstances that register all the attributes to which they are subscribed. May include wildcards
  • half_rangeimax_interval(in seconds): Tasmota waits at leasthalf_rangebefore sending the new value and send the message beforemax_interval(Usually a heartbeat indicates that the subscription is still active.) In general, feature changes are pushed immediately.
  • filtered_fabric: currently not in use

Here are the internal arguments:

  • Not before: The actual timestamp to wait before sending an update, sincehalf_range
  • Date of Expiry: The maximum timestamp we can wait before sending a heartbeat. Both are updated after we send a new value.
  • wait: indicates that we have sent everything and are waiting for the endstatus reportto continue sending more updates
  • is_keep_live(bool) if the last message was life support, if so, we only expect an Ack, not a Status Report
  • additions: List of specific attributes whose values ​​have changed since the last update. They do not contain a new value, in fact we will look at the value of each attribute when we send an update


This class (module) contains a global list of all active subscriptions. Method|Description:----|:--- init(im)|Create monad with global MI monad new_subscription(session, req)|Create session andSubscribeRequest message, parse the message and create itsubject.IM_Subscriptionexample.
he returns itbitno.IM_Subscription()example. It also assigns a new subscription ID.

What happens when an attribute is updated?~

Subscriptions are activated by changing the values ​​of the attributes. They can come from an explicit WRITE Matter command from an initiator or other device, as a consequence of a Matter command (such as turning on a light). The box also comes from an independent source, such as a Tasmota level action (using TasmotaForcecommand) or Tasmota detecting that the sensor value has changed after a periodic measurement.

Note: the default light plugins actually look at the Tasmot light state every second and report any difference between the last known change (also called shadow value) and the current state. We find this to be more consistent and reliable than trying to create rules for every event.

When the value of the attribute changes, you need to call the plugin's method

(bool) is optional and is currently ignored and reserved for future use.

Heendpoint_idthe argument is optional. If the endpoint is unknown, the message is broadcast to all endpoints that support reading these attributes:

More generally, you can use a global method to signal an attribute change from any code:

Note: internally this method creates amatter wayexample and calls, fabric_specific)
who in turn callsfeature_updated_ctx(ctx, specific_fabric)to each active subscription.

he is calling youattribute_update_ctx()first check that the attribute matches the filter criteria (which can include wildcards). If they match, the function is a candidate to be added to the list. So we call_add_attribute_unique_path()to check if the feature is not listed yet, and if not, add it to the list for future updates. It is possible that duringhalf_rangetime, the attribute can change its value multiple times. however, we post a single (last) price.


HeSubscription_StoreMonad checks every 250ms for updates ready to sendcada_250ms().

Performs an initial scan of all active subscriptions if updates can be sent:

  • membership not includedwait(i.e. without waiting for the previous exchange to finish)
  • the subscription has a non-empty list of updates
  • subscription reachedNot beforetimestamp (to avoid sending too frequent updates)

Yes that's how it is:

  • im.send_subscribe_update(sub)It is said that
  • update subscription list is removed viasub.clear_before_arm()

Once all the updates have been sent, the subscription is scanned again to see if a heartbeat should be sent:

  • membership not includedwait
  • the subscription has arrivedDate of Expirytimestamp Ako gives:
  • im.send_subscribe_update(sub)It is said that
  • update subscription list is removed viasub.clear_before_arm()XXX SVE


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