How to open a clothing brand? Definitive guide and strategy (2023)

If you are a person with a good sense of fashion and impressive aesthetics, you must have thought many times about having your own clothing brand. However, building your own clothing brand is not an easy task for anyone. In addition to unique design ideas, you also need to prepare for many other conditions for your clothing brand to work and work effectively.

In this article, I will show you an ultimate guide and strategies.How to start a successful clothing brand

What to Consider Before Opening a Clothing Store

Before we start doing something, we must consider the factors that can affect the business. So what factors should you consider when starting a clothing line?

Is it worth starting a clothing line?

First of all, you need to ask yourself: is it worth starting a clothing line? This is very important not only when starting a fashion brand, but in other businesses as well. You can be a very creative person; the idea of ​​\u200b\u200bfashionable clothes constantly pops into her head. But that's not enough. A fashion company not only needs beautiful clothes, but also a lot of effort to build a strong brand.

The truth is that the fashion industry always faces fierce competition and hundreds of fashion startups are formed every day. Do you have enough capital for your young company to compete directly with other companies? Or do you have a sustainable, long-term business strategy for your brand? Or are you simply willing to dedicate most of your time and energy to making significant progress despite the risks involved? That's all you need to consider if the fashion brand is worth the money.

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How much does it cost to start a clothing brand?

The second problem after making a big commitment is how much does it cost to start a fashion brand? To be honest, this is a big question for all business owners, but unfortunately there isn't a definitive answer. I can't tell you that it takes a lot of money to own a clothing brand. That's not realistic.

However, I can provide an estimate as well as a list of some factors to consider when calculating the cost of your fashion brand. To calculate the cost, you need to consider some factors such as brand targeting, production quantity, space cost, sales website design and advertising strategy. Based on these factors and the type of business you are targeting, you can estimate the cost as follows.

  • For small businesses, i. h Companies who are not intending to expand their business or types of business that do not need to pay tax, the cost you need to spend is around $100-$300. This cost includes products that are not high quality and do not need the promotion product.

  • For midsize companies (which are companies with good quality products and expected to expand in the future), the cost is in the range of $500 to $10,000. This includes the cost of making quality products, money to buy new artist designs, shipping, online marketing, etc.

  • For large companies (these are companies that have diversified, high-quality products and want to greatly expand their brands). To achieve this type of business, you need to spend more than $25,000. These costs are used for diversifying and improving product quality, running large marketing and sales campaigns, store and warehouse rental fees, shipping costs, etc.

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How to start a clothing brand: step-by-step guide

How to open a clothing brand? Definitive guide and strategy (1)

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These are the steps to build a fashion brand:

Decide what products you want to sell

For the fashion industry, choosing the product you want to sell is as important as deciding the future direction of the brand. Your product represents your brand style and orientation. So, if you want to start a clothing brand, you need to clearly identify the type of clothing you want to sell and to whom.

Choosing a Business Model for Your Line

Once you've decided which product you want to sell, choose a business model that's appropriate for your brand. There are three main options for building your business model in the fashion industry: print on demand, a private label clothing line, and a tailor-made clothing line. Each of the above options has its pros and cons. Think carefully about building a successful business empire.

organize your brand

Even if you don't have a detailed and completeBusiness plan, you must outline the elements to organize your brand. These factors include:

  • company location: Sell products online or in physical stores. And where will be a prestigious place for you to start business?

  • guys: You need a full team in areas such as designers, cashiers, salespeople, etc.

  • product catalog: It helps to list the products you have for production, storage, etc.

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  • Sales and Marketing: By choosing the right marketing and sales campaign, you will bring your products closer to the customer

  • Half: You must balance income and expenses to turn capital for the next project

Choose a brand name

An impressive name will grab attention and leave a deep impression on customers. So choose a name that isn't too complicated, easy to remember, and most importantly, that helps your brand rank higher in the minds of customers.

Take your products to manufacturers

Once the planning process is complete, it's time to put your products into production. At this stage it is especially important to find a suitable production team. Start by researching and asking about factories or reliable manufacturing equipment. Based on product quality and budget requirements, a manufacturer that meets the above requirements is selected. After choosing a manufacturer, you need to conduct a small product production test and pass quality tests.

test your products

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Now is the time for you to check whether the market is accepting the product well. . Take your products to fairs, schools, upload them to e-commerce sites and social networks. Remember to save the opinions and comments of customers who have used the product. It is useful for monitoring the company's status and checking the product's growth. One more thing: always test new products before officially launching them to understand the situation and have a suitable solution.sales plan.

Start selling your products

The big moment has arrived. After a series of ideas and tests, it's time to sell your clothes. However, there are some things you must do before launching your product and they are:

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  • Decide on the price of the products.
  • Widely promote your brand and product
  • Establish specific pricing plans and promotions.
  • Complete packing and shipping process.
  • customer service guarantee
  • Plan ahead with the manufacturer for the next season or further processing if the product sells well


I must warn you not to think that this is done. Another important step that you must not forget is to increase the size of your business. Expansion will help make your business model more sustainable and evolved. To do this, you need to review your trading history. This result is used to decide whether and in which direction to further expand the business model.

What makes a successful clothing brand?

The success or otherwise of a fashion brand is judged based on the following factors:


VonBuilding a strong brand, the success of your business is almost in your hands. A strong brand helps to increase the product's visibility to customers so that it reaches potential customers. Furthermore, the brand not only represents the quality of its products, but also represents the lifestyle and principles to which the company aspires.


Clothes with crooked seams and inferior fabric will never attract customers and buy your product again. Therefore, ensuring the quality of your product is of vital importance. So make sure your clothes are of stable quality no matter what.


For the fashion industry, your design is your voice and your statement to customers. A successful design does not have to be very sophisticated, it has to have its own personality and, above all, adapt to the target audience it is aimed at. From himcompany logoit can help you keep your customer and attract your target customer. A logo becomes timeless when it clearly differentiates your brand from your competitors.


Trying to create clothes that everyone likes is a reckless move in this industry. Focusing on a specific customer group has many advantages, such as: B. easy market access, affordable prices, less competition, and stable customer group loyalty. So, instead of sewing a simple t-shirt with a meaningless shape, you can start printing t-shirts with slogans that call for solidarity in the fight against the disease related to the current COVID-19 epidemic.

Shipping strategy for your clothing brand

How to open a clothing brand? Definitive guide and strategy (3)

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Last but not least, you need to find a reasonable and affordable shipping plan. Shipping is an integral part of the fashion industry, especially in today's technological evolution. But how to not make shipping too expensive and still deliver products intact to customers is always a difficult problem for brands. Therefore, to plan your branded delivery services, you should consider the following factors:

  • How to charge customers during shipping:There are some options for your reference, e.g. B. Charge your customers exact shipping costs Charge your customers a fixed shipping fee Charge your customers free shipping above a certain threshold Charge your customersfree shipping depending on your location, Calculate your customers free shipping for all orders.
  • Calculate shipping costs:Shipping cost is calculated based on carrier cost, delivery location and destination. There are also some other costs such as the size and volume of the goods. You need to negotiate with the shipping unit to get the most reasonable cost.
  • Handling of returned items:When returning products, you have two main options: prepay for the return, or customers pay shipping if they want to return the item.
  • The sending unit must cooperate:Choosing a reliable shipping company will help you reduce costs and better manage orders.
  • Warehouse Usage:This is also an important part of freight transport. Warehouse is usually assigned to shipping units, so you may want to consider shipping area and time when choosing a warehouse
  • Taxes and other fees:Taxes and fees also play a role in your total shipping cost. You need to be aware of local taxes and fees and the countries your products are shipped to.


These are our guidelines to let you knowHow to start a successful clothing brand. With a little luck. These guidelines will help you find the right and proper way to grow your own business. You may feel overwhelmed and stressed as you take your first steps towards establishing your brand foundation. But keep believing in the path you have chosen and you will soon find success.


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