How to make perfect tomato sauce (2023)

AGood tomato sauce is one of the first things every chef needs to learn: it is almost infinitely useful, it remains very good and the list is scandalously loving.Italian as a competent sauce with tomatoes. "

Over the years, I have done any number to pull with meatballs and spaghetti, cover cannelloni and surpass the pizzas, and they rarely disappointed, but no one took my socks. It is possible that you look too much to remove the socks.It is the point of a simple tomato sauce, but it must be good enough to not need or more ornaments. Parmesan or chopped meat or spinach and ricotta, a simplepasta with tomato sauceOkay, it's a little cool.


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In Italy, they let us believe that decent tomatoes are a fact in summer;Unfortunately, this is not yet the case in this country, although it ismuch easier to findReally ripe and red rehearsals in farmers and best supermarkets. If there are no completely satisfactory examples, "it is better to import Italian plum tomatoes."

Angela Hartnett, in your bookKokinaIt gives: "It's hard to get really delicious tomatoes outside the Mediterranean, so you don't be afraid to make cans sauces."Anna Del Conte CounselIf you use fresh but embarrassed fruits, stubborn tomatoes add some of the others, but it's still big fruity, although I think vinegar would replicate this difficult tone.

Giorgio Locatelli now writes that "for a fresh salad or sauce" there is no doubt that "the round has been ridiculedCompre HerzIt's the upper tomato. "They are expensive, these elegant imported tomatoes, but we have to admit that they are reluctant, but if they are all the soft boundaries, so go to good festivals always. The best face is not very expensive as the disappointing"relic tomatoes".

Hazan recommends lighting and skin of tomatoes or cooking them and getting dirty: all other vegetables are in the container.


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Rose Gray and Ruth Rogers in the River Cafe Classic Italian Cookbook Calculate that the onion is a cornerstone of the classic Sugita Di Pomodoro, although most recipes require a standard version, go to red, in thin and cooked discs for the sweetness beforeDesatomato it melts as well as in the pan.

The onion helps to compensate for the natural acid of tomatoes, but certainly does not need gray and rogers. For a versatile sauce, I think yellow is preferable.

Hard writing, gray and rogers and also count garlic in their sauces (so it is once and for all, I hope the Italian chefs never use them), and in fact a little garlic is never a bad thing to worry about being worried.

Herbs and Aromatic

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A surprising matrix that is offered here: Hartnett USA Rosemary, Locatelli and Gray and Rogers Basil, as well as thought, sage and thyme. Rosemary has its fans, although I find it very strong, but the basil seems to be the bestCoincidence with other ingredients and cooking the sauce, as in Locatelli's recipe, an excellent job to convey flavor.

The competition also about celery and carrots in the sauce, as if I made a delicious and fleshy rac: apparently it is the style of northern Italy, but I want my simple tomato sauce to have a predominantly flavor, so I will leave it thereoutside .


Hazan adds a large butterFor your sauce, while Hartnett, Locatelli, Rogers and Gray keep the olive oil more obvious, and the competition only leaves a little butter or oil using -o with pasta. Hazan sauce is mainly rich, perfect to serve to serveTo serve perhaps some ravioli, but a little for an entire dish with spaghetti. Oil is much more pleasant: I find the parsley of the competition of a somewhat without him.

Hartnett also ends the sauce with the water nerves, which is rarely bad.

Time to cook

Del Conte explains that "to prepare a good tomato sauce, cook the tomatoes for a very short time or let it bubble at least 40 minutes" because they only start releasing their acidic juices after about 10 minutes, and these are less than halfHour with weak heat to evaporate. Therefore, if you have very, very good tomatoes, all you need to do is see the shorter heat, but frankly, if you find so good fruits in this country, you should probably like it, of course.

Anyway, this explains why all recipes except Hardnette with their tomatoes (although they contain the offer of gray and rogers, even if they also use printed fruits), decrease a slow above the 45 and 50 minutes: and fromFact and, in fact, the act could do a little more with a little more reduction for my taste.

It is interesting to agree with the sloping ones: although Locatelli's sauce is delicious, it does not have the body and wealth of another.

If you want to eat the sauce immediately, continue and anchor your dough.Pass the sterile containers and cool or freeze until you can be used. And with tomato sauce, it is unlikely to be too long.

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The perfect tomato sauce

800 g of plum tomatoes or ripe fresh fruits
2 tablespoons of olive oil
1 small and finely chopped onion
2 cloves of garlic, crushed
1 teaspoon sugar
Red wine vinegar
3 fresh basil stems
Extra young oil to serve (optional)

If you use fresh tomatoes, put them in a pan of boiling water and leave it for about a minute for the skins.

Heat the oil in a medium -sized pan over medium heat and add the chopped onion. Vire about five to seven minutes until translucent but not colorful. Greek slope and cook for another two minutes.

It tends to tomatoes and breaks with a wooden spoon, if necessary, add sugar, vinegar and basil rods and set aside the leaves. This is easy.

Bring low heat, lower the heat and cook for 45 minutes over low heat, with occasional agitation until thick.

Try the spices, add the basil leaves, tear and sprinkle some extra virgin olive oil if you want before you wish.

Tomato Sauce: Ridiculous or harder basic kitchen than it sounds, especially in the UK? And what a special shift do you give you?

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