heart attack at age 50 (2023)

February 4, 2016
Barry Segal, Founder ofSegal Family Foundationand focus on health

In my life I had friends who died suddenly within 50 years. They were healthy men who died instantly without warning. Everyone I speak to gives me another example.

    • Around 1960 my wife's father went to the dentist in the morning, he wasn't feeling well when he came out, he came down and died at 11am of a massive heart attack. He was in good shape and a sociable drinker.He was 51 years old.
heart attack at age 50 (1)
  • Around 1:00 pm in 1967, a policeman came into the office and told my secretary that her father had died of a massive heart attack.He was 51 years old.

As a result of these two cases, I have become aware of and noticed many similar occurrences over the years. If you asked the age it was usually 51 years old.

The problem is that these people have probably never seen a cardiologist and the cardiologist may not know.

I feel like a massive heart attack is predictable and I hope it can be prevented.

Has anyone else had this experience?

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Further examples. . .

  • Christopher George (actor and uncle of Vanna White) died of a sudden heart attack at the age of521983.
  • Jim Fixx was a fitness expert who wrote books about running and healthy eating. He died in 1984 in52from a sudden heart attack during his routine morning run.
  • Actor Christopher Stone has died53 yearsHe died in 1995 of a massive heart attack.
  • Rock star Robert Palmer died suddenly in 200354 yearsalthough he had just been cleared for the tour by a doctor.
  • Power Bar co-founder and avid runner Brian Maxwell collapsed at a local post office in 2004 and died of a heart attack51 years. The cause of death was a heart attack.
  • Miguel Contreras was an urban labor leader. In 2005 he suddenly collapsed and died in Los Angeles at the age of 2452a sudden heart attack.


  • A friend's son-in-law, who was in excellent shape and exercising regularly, died of a massive heart attack.he was 51 years old.
  • A friend of a friend mentioned that her husband died in his sleep many years ago.I was only 54 years oldand suddenly died.
  • February 18, 2014: John Henson (son of the legendary Jim Henson) dies suddenly at home of a massive heart attack.he was 48 years old.
  • A friend was on vacation/ski trip when48 year old father(healthy, very fit) collapsed on top of the mountain. dead in minutes This happened about 15 years ago.

For me it's a family story. . .

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heart attack at age 50 (8) Jonathan Winter

I have a story too. And as a result, I'm working on what needs to be done. However, I disagree with your good article on one fundamental point: I do NOT believe that access to cardiologists is necessary in most cases. There are far simpler ways to prevent the increasing and needless loss of life that these stories represent around the world. My colleagues and I started with a serious, comprehensive response (see website). We'd love to work with you and others to make this happen!

heart attack at age 50 (10) Radar-Jones

Regarding the above examples:

Jim Fixx was once obese and a smoker and didn't cope well with stress. The autopsy also showed that he probably had thickened heart walls from birth.

Powerbar Boy Maxwell had had a bad valve since birth and was aware of the problem. Surgery was recommended, but he decided against it.

Christopher George suffered a heart injury while filming the Rat Patrol episode years ago.

But anyone can drop dead at any time without warning. There's the old story about the guy who left the doctor's office whistling after getting a clean bill of health. He sat in his car and died. They found him slumped over the steering wheel.

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heart attack at age 50 (11) Ruta

My husband passed away suddenly 3 days ago. Suspected postmortem heart attack today

heart attack at age 50 (12) it's war alina

My 49-year-old brother, a former Olympian and in very good shape, died last Saturday of a massive heart attack. He never expected it, but he suffered from heartburn. He was the best person you could meet. Completely heartbroken.

heart attack at age 50 (13) Christina

My son died last June, he just turned 50. Frederick played golf and lived in Delaware. massive heart attack also complained of heartburn for months and months and months and he wouldn't go to the doctor he would get rolaids or my nexium and he would say it was gone so that's what we discussed and discussed with him and we. re all very angry because he didn't take any kind of exam.

heart attack at age 50 (14) Aimee Boy Mendez

My ex-husband died of a massive heart attack two years ago, three months before his 51st birthday, just after going to church. My daughter, who was 12 at the time, was never the same as she is now, 15.

heart attack at age 50 (15) Jaime

My father died 10 minutes after we got home from the emergency room. The resident refused to admit it and said that everything was fine with my father. He just squeezed his stomach and gave him an antacid. My father had a nervous breakdown the night before as we told the doctor but she put it off because the painkillers made him dizzy. In the hospital, he couldn't even stand on his own. My father died before our eyes of a heart attack. 64 years This doctor took his own life. I would have survived We are very heartbroken!

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heart attack at age 50 (16) crisis

My son turned 50 last April and suddenly had a heart attack in June, it's still a nightmare

heart attack at age 50 (17) crisis

His name was Scott, not Frederick, I don't know where that came from.

heart attack at age 50 (18) Freude Blanchard

I had my first heart attack in 2007 at the age of 43. I just had my second heart attack in 2018 at the age of 54. I now have four stents in a row in my heart.

heart attack at age 50 (19) Maria Catalina Lesniak Stofan

My husband died of a sudden heart attack last August. He saw a chiropractor who thought he had back pain, used an inhaler to help him breathe (he didn't have asthma, and the doctor never saw him) and used antacids regularly for heartburn. A month earlier he broke out in a cold sweat but ignored it. He was 55 years old.

heart attack at age 50 (20) Rebeca

My boyfriend just had a heart attack, he just turned 50, he's been complaining of heartburn lately, and the hospital just took him to the emergency room. a stent in his heart not sure what it is he doesn't take stress well i could tell from him. I should have been the first to get sick, I just turned 50 a former heroin addict started in my late 30's, didn't touch alcohol or marijuana for a few years. My boyfriend was in pretty good shape, he didn't smoke (he used to smoke a lot of weed but hasn't been doing much lately) and he lifted weights, he went to the gym, he saw doctors early last year We lived up there and he thought that might give him problems so we changed it from 5,500ft to 2,000ft as they know there is less oxygen at higher elevations. Hell, I saw a 29-year-old friend of mine die, she left behind two beautiful children, and that often happens in high places. However, I take methadone, I don't actually have any other health issues. Grow pizza and greasy food. & You recently changed your diet. I am sorry for the lady whose doctor did not notice this, that is very unfortunate.

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heart attack at age 50 (21) Jim

My friend has been an Assistant SRO (Student Response Officer) for the past 2 years, he has lost about 20 pds in weight. He was in good shape, he exercised, he ate a lot of chicken, fish and drinks, maybe at home on the weekends or when he and his wife were away. Massive heart attack, I was 58 maybe 59. I spent my summers going to North Carolina and even had a house and plans to move there in a year... I even had a ship docked there. .....and now it's gone


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