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if you are lookingand English and Spanish soccer seasons, you may have noticed that the teams you follow play in some cup competitions, such asfour cupsiCopa del Rey.

What are theydifferences between these competitions?

Here's what you need to know:


  • 1 Difference between FA Cup and Copa del Rey
  • 2. Form of competition
  • 3 qualified teams
  • 4 Frequency and duration of competition
  • 5 Number of rounds
  • 6th round in which the first ranked clubs participate
  • 7 Is the Copa del Rey the Spanish version of the FA Cup?
  • 8 Conclusion

Difference between FA Cup and Copa del Rey

FA Cup and Copa del Rey suEnglish and Spanish national football cups. The main difference between the two competitions is the number of clubs participating in the competition (the FA Cup has more) and the presence of double ties.

Here's oneadditional comparisonbetween these 2 competitions:

competition format

Below are both competitionsknockout format tournament. This means that the defeated team will be eliminated from the competition, while the winners will advance to the next round.

This is quite different than other types of competitions., as:

  • Double circle (for examplefirst division)
  • Group stage + ronda eliminatoria (p. ej.Champions League and World Cup)

If your team wants to win a cup tournament,They will have to make sure they keep winning every cup game..

eligible groups

The FA Cup includes teams from the tenth division of English footballin the First Division. Therefore, there are many more teams competing in the FA Cup (729).

124 of these teams will compete in thethe 2021/22 FA Cup main event.

HeCopa del Rey(also known as the King's Cup) consists of a smaller range of teams compared to the FA Cup.

In the 2019/20 season, the Spanish federation made some changes to its regulations. Now,126 teams have the right to compete.. These groups come fromdifferent levels of Spanish football. Some of the teams are from Spain.4 main categories:

  1. Priority
  2. by category
  3. Second Division B (3. Division)
  4. Third category (4th category)

4 semifinalsofSpanish Confederation Cupare also included.This cup is played between teams from the 3rd and 4th league of Spanish football.

Winners of their 20 groupsRegional football departmentsAlso included in the Copa del Rey.

Frequency and duration of the competition.

And FA Cup and Copa del Reythey happen every seasonas part of the European football calendar.

The FA Cup starts in August, when the European football season usually starts.The final will be held at the end of May., where it is usually doneafter the last game of the Premier League.

Meanwhile, the Copa del Rey starts at the end of November andends a month earlier in April.

This may be due toThe FA Cup has many more teams than the Copa del Rey.

number of rounds

The FA Cup has a total of 8 rounds, of which 5 are before the quarter-finals. Meanwhile,Copa del Rey ima 1 kolo manje, with a total of 7 rounds.

The Copa del Rey has 2 initial rounds, before giving way to a32 da round.

The round in which the first league players enter

I'm going to FAkup,Premier League teams will start play in the third round. This comes with 32 teams remaining in the FA Cup.

This helps reduce the number of games your team has to play!

Meanwhile, teams fromPrioritywill play the first round of the Copa del Rey, with the only exception4 participants of the Spanish Super Cup.

repetition and extension

For matches ending in a tieUntil the fourth round of the FA Cup, a tie-breaker will be played at the away ground.

32 teams participate in the fourth round of the FA Cup, two rounds before the quarter-finals.

There are no replays of the matches from the fifth round to the final. Instead, they will decide the winner.overtime and penalties.

Not all Copa del Rey matches will be repeated. Conversely, games that end in a draw aredecided an extension. If the score is still tied, penalty kicks will take place.

Two-legged ties

The Copa del Rey has a double match in the semifinals. This means thatThe teams will play two games in the semifinals.: both at home and away.

European competitions used to have an away goals rule, which made doubleheaders more exciting. However,Goals away from home do not count in the Copa del Rey.

Meanwhile, the FA Cup has no semi-final double ties.

The only time there is a tie would be if the FA Cup tie ends in a draw in the fourth round.

The stadium where the final match is played.

For the FA Cup it is usually the finalplayed at wembley.

Wembley is the current national stadium of the England soccer team.

Meanwhile, the final of the Copa del Rey will take placeLa Cartuja Stadium(located in Seville).

For most players, it would be a dream to be able to play on both prestigious courts!

Prizes for winning the contest.

These are some of the prizes.What will your team get when they win any cup:

four cupsCopa del Rey
Cash rewardsSimilarSimilar
qualification for Europeeuropean leagueeuropean league
Super CupFA Community ShieldSpain Supercup

Prize money for both.four cupsiCopa del Reyesquite similar.

If your team wins the trophy,will be guaranteed a place in the group stageofeuropean league.

However, if your team has a place in theChampions League, this vacant place will be awarded to the next team in the table that has not yet played in European football.

In addition, winning one of the two trophies will allow you to play the national version of the Super Cup:FA Community Shield(England) andSpain Supercup(Spain).

ForSpain SupercupThe two finalists of the Copa del Rey will participate in this competition thatconsists of 4 groups, while in the Community Shield only the winner of the FA Cup will play.


Here's onesummary comparisonbetween the FA Cup and the Copa del Rey.

four cupsCopa del Rey
Founded in1871in 1903
competition formatI faintI faint
eligible groupsfirst division
at level 10
4 best Spanish categories

his semifinal
Spanish Confederation Cup

section winners
Regional football competitions

FrequencyBy yearBy year
8 more7 more
PeriodAugust maynovember - april
around which peak
Qualified clubs are entered.
third roundFirst round (except
His Super Cup
semifinal of Spain)
Too much timefrom the fifth
round then
all connections
Two-legged tiesAbsentPresent (Only for
home of the stadium
WembleyLa Cartuja Stadium
Cash rewardsSimilarSimilar
european leagueeuropean league
Super CupFA Community ShieldSpain Supercup

Is the Copa del Rey the Spanish version of the FA Cup?

The Copa del Rey can be seen as the Spanish version of the FA Cup, asBoth are major domestic cup tournaments for England and Spain.. However, they still differ in some respect, such as the number of circles or the presence of double bonds.


And FA Cup and Copa del Rey jesusimilar cup competitions for England and Spainduring the European football season.

Due to the long history of the FA Cup and the fact that it involves several clubs, it is likely that thisPerhaps it is a bit more prestigious compared to the Copa del Rey.!

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