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UK Club offers a tailored solution to provide extended cover beyond your standard P&I policy for additional risks for both owners and charterers.

Whatever your transport insurance needs, the company led by Thomas Miller will offer you a market leading solution.

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Contractual coverage is available with various policy limits that cover contractual clauses and indemnities excluded from the policy, including the waiver of limitation rights, liability for third-party loss or damage to third-party property, contractual naming and release obligations, and non-reciprocal liability. for fake jobs.

Crew familiarization insurance protects against liability arising from the presence of officers, crew, helpers, supervisors, supervisors, or any other personnel on a vessel that you do not own.

The crew management insurance covers the legal obligations of ship owners towards crew members by virtue of employment contracts or agreements for their crew, subject to such contracts or agreements being approved by the Club.

Special War Risks Excess P&I cover is provided for claims that exceed the normal value of the entered ship as defined in Rule 5D or any amount recovered from the war risk insurer, whichever is greater.

The passenger extension covers responsibilities towards passengers when they are not actually on board the ship, including travel to and from the ship and during scheduled shore excursions and other off-board activities.

In container traffic, the service contracts of large carriers may contain stricter terms than the traditional Hague and Hague-Visby standards and generally violate P&I insurance. Our extended cargo coverage may provide additional liability that is borne by the shipowner.

We can insure the liability of vessel owners and charterers arising out of claims under unapproved oil spill response agreements in North America, including our subsidiary Marine Spill Response Corporation.

We provide cover in respect of liabilities that may arise during normal harbor towage and may, through a separate contract, offer you cover on appropriate terms for situations outside of harbor towage. We also offer liability coverage under standard contract terms for towing your boat or another boat or facility. However, some policies are unusual or have claims that cannot be added up and require additional coverage. The association worked with the owners by signing difficult and no haphazard contracts.

The Club is one of the main sponsors of LNG and LPG vessels and assists members by reviewing terminal use contracts. Many contracts include liabilities not covered by the Club's standard cover, and UK Club offers an additional $150 million in cover to meet members' indemnity underwriting needs.

A range of consistently high quality P&I hulls and decks are available for boats and vessels under 5000 GT. Coverage may be provided for crew members and passengers while participating in off-board recreational activities such as motorized water sports.

Additional cover is offered on top of the standard P&I cover for salvors performing salvage services, whether operating from their own vessels or not, and for liability for pollution caused by salvage operations outside of incoming vessels.

Insurance is offered for all liabilities arising from specialized work that is excluded or limited from coverage under any standard P&I coverage, such as dredging, pile driving, cable laying, unconcentrated towing, diving, salvage and heavy lifting.

Additional coverage may be provided for vessels involved in specialized supply and towing activities that are not covered by standard P&I insurance.

Shipowner's Liability (SOL) is tailored coverage against deviations from the standard route or agreed bill of lading where cargo liability exposure exists. We may cover certain bill of lading deviations, but inclusive SOL coverage may allow freedom of deviations during the policy period. Basically, a SOL policy replaces or purchases standard P&I coverage with fixed premium coverage, typically capped at between $10 million and $50 million.

Additional Oil Spill Response Agency insurance can be provided for contracts where the liability regime is more severe than permitted under International Group guidelines, as well as general pollution cover for charter parties, such as on the Exxonvoy 90, where pollution prevention costs are not transferable to charterers. or cargo owners and therefore remains their responsibility.

Charterers and merchants insurance is available to vessel charterers on a time and voyage basis. Coverage includes risks covered by conventional P&I insurance, including pollution, cargo, bodily injury, fines and wreck removal, as well as additional charterer-specific risks such as hull damage, detention, contribution to funds generals and salvage, and war and terrorism.

Our additional supplies cover protects charterers against the risk of using substandard supplies on the chartered ship, even if the ship's machinery is not damaged. The club also covers the cost of removing, replacing, and disposing of supplies, cleaning the ship's tanks and engines, and related non-rental costs.

The club may cover the charterer's responsibilities for loss of or physical damage to the vessel, such as boatmen or substandard provisions, as well as contributions to general average and/or legal and labor costs.

When carriers share space with other carriers, even though they issue their own bills of lading, standard policy coverage typically provides $350 million per incident coverage.However, operators often buy spaces or slots where the basis is not reciprocal, so they need additional coverage. The club offers different coverage limits for potential exposure to cargo claims against the bill of lading when cargo is transported on another owner's ship.

The club offers crew leaders coverage for contractual obligations and other crew obligations.

Cargo defense and decontamination (FD&D) cover is available from another club run by Thomas Miller, the UK Defense Club. Provides coverage to ship owners and operators for legal and other expenses incurred in connection with uninsured disputes. Examples include lease and redelivery disputes, new construction disputes with shipyards, purchase and purchase disputes, fuel pollution claims, port or anchorage security disputes, ship charter disputes, oil and other vessel control disputes and disputes by agents, brokers or other insurers.

For shipowners applying for newbuild, we can cover financial risks that cannot be recovered from shipyards or their insurers, such as breach of money-back guarantee, loss of charter after delay and additional surveyor fees and architects. We can also cover contractual obligations with supervisors and construction crews prior to delivery.

Another club run by Thomas Miller, the TT Club, covers all aspects of container shipping. The association offers a wide range of insurance for the liabilities and assets of operators throughout the supply chain, including ports and terminals, owners and operators of transportation equipment, and transportation and logistics operators. It also bears the burden of all risks.

Primary war risk cover is available from clubs run by our Thomas Miller sisters, the UK War Risks Club and, for Greek owners, Hellenic War Risks. It covers damages and losses caused by intentional actions of third parties against the vessel. This includes coverage for losses caused by war, civil war, revolution and insurrection or arrest, seizure, arrest, imprisonment or detention. Claims arising from terrorists, malicious or politically motivated persons, piracy or violent robbery by persons outside the ship are also covered. Cover also extends to mines, torpedoes, bombs or other weapons of war (even when abandoned) and labor strikes and disturbances.

Professional indemnity coverage for maritime professionals is provided by the International Transport Brokers Club (ITIC). It covers claims for negligence, errors and omissions and can be extended to specialist areas such as directors and officers insurance, debt collection, commission income, loss of management fees, cash in transit insurance and cargo liability.

Thomas Miller Specialty offers small craft and boat owner's protection and indemnity insurance with a fixed limit and a fixed premium.


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