5 inspiring pro-life movies to watch today (2023)

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5 inspiring pro-life movies to watch today (1)

The infamous Roe v. Wade was recently ousted and the issue of abortion is back in the news and media talk. Many people on both sides are passionate about this issue, and the gap appears to have widened.

As Christians, we must defend the personal rights of human beings created in God's image, the most fundamental right being the right to life. It is a complex subject and we must speak the truth from God's heart to life in love, not in judgment and hate. One of the best ways to convey these truths is through stories, in which we can find appeals in our culture to protect the right to life.

One of the strongest narratives of our time is the cinema. A friend recently told me that just as Jesus spoke in parables in His day to communicate the truth,Movies and shows play the same role today.Theology is often complicated and narrow. Stories can be simple yet delve into complexity and reveal things from different angles on an emotional, intellectual and spiritual level, which is why Jesus never fixed the kingdom of God, but rather explained aspects of it over and over again. in a parable. "The kingdom of God is like..."

Here are five modern movies that can do thatStimulate discussions and provoke questionson pro-life issues.

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5 inspiring pro-life movies to watch today (2)

1. Children of Men (2006)

Recommended for children: No

where to look

In this dystopian film, humanity has lost the ability to have children. Years of infertility pass and the world becomes more desperate and violent. Theo Faron is a man devastated by the loss of his son, but becomes involved with Claire, a young woman who is the first known pregnant woman in 18 years.

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Claire's pregnancy is something that gives people somethingHopeespecially Theo. The film shows this pregnancy beautifully.InspirationPeople as if the impossible were possible again. At the same time, other powers try to manipulate, use or even kill Claire for what she represents. Theo decides to do whatever it takes to save and protect Claire and the baby inside her. The film is violent and not suitable for children, but it shows phenomenally how the absence of life leads to despair and the hope of life deserves to be sacrificed and protected.

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5 inspiring pro-life movies to watch today (3)

2. Horton heard wen (2008)

Recommended for children: Yes!

where to look

Based on a phenomenal book by Dr. seuss Horton is an elephant that begins to hear the voice of a tiny dot. The rest of the animals can't hear the voice and call him insane, but Horton is still banking on what he can hear that there is life in this small dot, however impossible it may seem to others. Horton places the particle in a flower. Some animals even try to steal and kill the spot/flower. Eventually, enough microscopic humans in the dot/flower raise their voices to be heard by the other animals and life is saved.

"A human is a human, no matter how small." This is the phrase Horton repeats when people argue with him, where he is establishing the personalities of beings they cannot physically see or hear. The theme is not simply legal or a meditation on who holds power (although the film explores these themes). The crux of the problem is recognizing the personality of the other. When personality is recognized, life is considered valuable and protected.

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5 inspiring pro-life movies to watch today (4)

3rd arrival (2016)

Recommended for children: 16+

where to look

der Science-Fiction-FilmArrivalis an adaptation of a 1998 short story. Linguist Louise Banks is recruited to try and talk to aliens who have come to Earth in spaceships flying overhead. Louise and her team, including scientist Ian Donnelly, begin to understand another culture and language from the ground up. The language is not linear like an earth language, but a circle. Learning the foreign language changes Louise's thought patterns to the point where she has visions of the future and the past.

Part of what Louise sees is the future birth of her daughter. Her daughter will die of cancer and her husband will leave her because of the tragedy. Despite knowing the tragedy and pain that lies ahead, Louise chooses to have the child and experience the joys of life, however temporary. HeamarShe will be worth the pain she will experience through her relationship with her husband and daughter. Life is worth it.

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5 inspiring pro-life movies to watch today (5)

4. Not Planned (2019)

Recommended for children: Approved for ages 18+

where to look

This film is based on a true story and follows the memoirs of Abby Johnson. Abby shares her experiences as a young woman who had two miscarriages, one in college and one later in life. The film also explores his involvement with Planned Parenthood and what goes on behind the scenes. Once Abby recognizes the mindset of those at Planned Parenthood, she steps out and reveals what she saw. Planned Parenthood sues, and the film focuses on that conflict.

This is a Christian film told as a story but based on the life of a young woman. The themes are difficult to deal with due to the violent nature and reality of the abortion industry, which is why the film is rated 18+. Abby's passion was exposing the lucrative nature of the abortion industry, which was spearheaded in the media by Planned Parenthood and others.

Author of the photo:©Purelix

5 inspiring pro-life movies to watch today (6)

5. Matter of Life (2022)

Recommended for children: 12+

Where to search:As of this writing, this film has ended in theaters andfreedon streaming and DVD in late July or early August 2022.

question of lifeis a documentary by filmmaker Tracy Robinson that traces the biological and scientific antecedents of the pro-life position. Interviews with doctors and executives reveal the position and arguments against abortion. In particular, the film encourages the Church to do soamarand forgiveness for women experiencing unplanned pregnancies and life advocates to support local crisis pregnancy resource centers and communities providing resources for new mothers.

This film does a great job of detailing the scientific reality of abortion while also adding the social and legal elements. Even those versed in history and the pro-life attitude will learn from the wealth of information Robinson provides. This film also has a lot of heart, taking the time to tell the story of a young woman who was raped as a teenager and telling her story of redemption. The film contains footage of what happens during an abortion, which is graphic, and there is a warning before the footage is shown. Clear calls to action are welcome and based on God's love.

Author of the photo:The Question of Life/Revelation Media/Fathom Events via IMDb

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5 inspiring pro-life movies to watch today (7)

How do we talk about pro-life issues?

As you can see from this list, even Christian films that deal with abortion are not considered suitable for children. The difficult and traumatic nature of the subject matter and the graphic images are part of the industry. Many people are afraid andAngstabout the rollover ofRoe vs Wade. None of this should distract us from the topic. We must be aware of our responsibility to defend the personality of all people. We must also tell the truthamar, recognizing that with God's help we can stand up for what is right while loving those who disagree with us on this issue. One way to do this is by sharing stories and experiences through storytelling and storytelling, so films like those on this list can stimulate conversation and debate rooted in the love of Christ.


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5 inspiring pro-life movies to watch today (8)Britt Moony(with his amazing wife Becca) has lived as a missionary in Korea, traveled to several countries on missions and now resides in Suwanee GA as a church planter, bi-professional with Phoenix Roasters, a missionary coffee company. He has called a podcast about the kingdom of GodKingdom about coffeeand is a published author withSay Yes: How god-sized dreams fly.

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