10 Cowboys who could use a good result Saturday against the Raiders (2023)

10 Cowboys who could use a good result Saturday against the Raiders (1)10 Cowboys who could use a good result Saturday against the Raiders (2)

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August 25, 2023

HeYour Dallas CowboysHe ends the preseason on Saturday night against him.las vegas raidersat AT&T Stadium. Until next Tuesday at 3:00 p.m. CT, Dallas will have to cut its roster from 90 men to 53.

Several final roster spots could be determined based on how players perform on Saturday night. With that in mind, here are 10 Cowboys to watch against the Raiders.

Brandon Aubrey

The biggest concern withBrandon Aubrynot a performance; chance, considering he didn't get enough of it this preseason, despite being the only player on the roster in both games. Aubrey was solid in training and never had a moment to raise an eyebrow after a terrible day with him.Tristan Vizcainoby the end of the second week of training camp. However, he attempted just one field goal in two preseason games, a 29-yarder in Game 1 vs.Jacksonville Jaguars. He is 4-for-5 in extra points in preseason action. Ideally, it would be great to see Aubrey attempt a wide range of shots against the Raiders. This includes hitting different hashes and especially from a distance. The biggest upside would be seeing Aubrey try to hit a post under pressure, either late in the first half or late in the game.

libraIsaiah Earth

DeMarvion outclassedHis injury makes things pretty interesting at linebacker, and possibly at safety as well. The Cowboys pride themselves on players who offer flexibility in their roles, withJayron Kearsebe an example of these things. That means Isaiah Land has to show that he can be used in a variety of situations and that he can be effective against the run and the pass. Overshown's injury doesn't just open up a roster spot for another linebacker. The way Overshown played and the way defensive coordinator Dan Quinn prepared to use him can't be replicated by any lineman further down the depth chart. Does this mean the Cowboys are going to have an extra safety than originally planned or is the lineman a strong case? Lund will be one of the players who will have a chance.

DTNeville Gallimore

There are moments that come to mind that make it sacrilege to even consider leaving Neville Gallimore off the list. They are not moments of preseason action, but real matches, like his against himPittsburgh Steelersas a rookie or his bullpen on restTaylor Heinickea few seasons ago. The thing is, Gallimore was too good a player and he wasn't consistent enough after the knockdown. Good games are great, but they are few and far between. Gallimore could still be part of the Cowboys' interior defensive line because there isn't exactly a list of studs that rank on the depth chart, but it's also possible that Gallimore's time is up and the Cowboys give that spot to someone who be more consistent and bring more benefits. Perhaps a good game on Saturday could make this decision more difficult for the Cowboys on the other side of the weekend.

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OLAsimo Richards

The answer to the extremely difficult question of who is the Cowboys' sixth-best forward right now could be Asim Richards, which makes him happy and shows how little depth there is at that position. Since we are talking about the player himself here, let's focus on the first one. Richards was solid in training camp and looked like someone who could at least stick around if asked to fill in for a short time. The expectations for Richards on Saturday are less in the Gallimore and Land mold and more in the Aubrey mold. It's not a question of whether or not he'll make the roster (every indication is that he will), but how much trust will the team have in him if they need to turn to him to make significant plays?

QuarterbackWill Grier

Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy said Will Grier will get the majority of the snaps against the Raiders, which obviously makes sense. It makes no sense to revealCooper Rushwhen he's always a moment away from being your downtown guy. However, in the unfortunate event that this happens, Grier would be the one to leave abruptly. Will he be able to stop the ship from sinking? It's easy to dismiss the third chance because it seems like a very deep contingency plan, and it is, until it isn't. Grier is very likely to be the Cowboys' third quarterback this year, regardless of his performance Saturday. But Grier didn't play in the regular season last year, which means Saturday could also be his last chance to show the Cowboys what they've got for next offseason. If your third baseman isn't going to give you a lot of confidence, at some point you'd rather have that guy be a younger player with a few upsides than someone hitting in their 30s.

10 Cowboys who could use a good result Saturday against the Raiders (4)

Expect Will Grier to get plenty of playing time on Saturday. (Joe Nicholson / USA Today)

DTConoce a Smith

There were times when he displayed his unique strength and athletic ability. There were also moments where he outdid himself. Expectations are high for Dallas' first pick. He didn't look good in Seattle last weekend. It will be interesting to see how they react against the Raiders. "Look at how he got grades from him, there were some games he's definitely going to learn from," McCarthy said of Mazi Smith's play in Dallas' second preseason game. “You have to remember that he is still the first player. I think when you look at his camp overall, I think he had a good to solid camp. He will have another chance this week. He's like all rookies, he needs to play, he needs time to work and I would definitely put him in that category."

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The depth of the Cowboys' offensive line is one reason the undrafted free agent signed with Dallas after this year's draft. His game seems to improve with more chances. The depth of the offensive line is the team's biggest question right now. T.J.'s game Bass at guard could be strong enough for Dallas to keep him at 53. "Going back to my first impression, you can see lower body strength," McCarthy said. “As soon as you can get a young player into your program, just to see how he develops. I had a great camp. He has unique lower body strength. He has some potential positional flexibility.” He started 13 games at left tackle his senior year at Oregon. He started at left guard and left tackle his junior year.

smallMarkquese Bell

He already had a good chance of making the final list. Overshown's season-ending injury may have increased Markquese Bell's chances. While he played well at backup safety, Bell was also able to see some linebacker work against the Raiders. The security depth chart is pretty loaded. The same does not happen with the linebacker.Leighton VanderiDavid Clarkthey are beginners.Gabriel CoxiDavid HarperIt was another team with Outshown. Bell could make it to that fifth spot. "Honestly, I see myself helping the team," Bell said. “If they need me to play linebacker, safety or hybrid, I'm willing to do anything. … I think I'm a soccer player. All they want me to do is more or less."

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HELuka Chistač

The second-round pick is headed in the right direction. He seems to be winning his battle with plantar fasciitis and this week he said he is playing without pain. Luke Schoonmaker had one of the best practices of camp this week at The Star, sliding one-handed into the back of Grier's end zone during team drills Wednesday.Jake FergusonHe seems to be the number one tight end on the team. But there should be plenty of opportunities for Schoonmaker,Peyton HendersoniSean Mc Keon. If the rookie can stay healthy, he has a chance to make a significant impact in Year 1. "He did a really good job with his minutes in Jacksonville and Seattle," McCarthy said. "Excited for him. Very instinctive. Very aware. Football comes naturally to him. You can tell he played a lot. He played many positions, he was a professional. He has a very good sense of the game. We can't do enough in professional passing and run blocks. You just don't have as many reps as you probably need. It's the little things he needs. I think he did a great job for the limited number of opportunities he got."

WRJaylen Brooks

The top four points of the wide receiver appear to be bolted together.CeeDee Cordero,brandin cooks,Michael GallupiJaylen Tolbert. But after this group isKaVontae Turpin, Brooks yContact Sima. Brooks has a chance to cement his place with a big game on Saturday night. There were a few days in Oxnard, California, where the seventh-round pick out of South Carolina really stood out. He didn't look as comfortable in Dallas' preseason opener, recording just one catch on five targets. He had a catch on two goals in Seattle. They will have to work hard against the Raiders. It could also be a great opportunity for Fehok to show Dallas that they shouldn't give up on him. The 2021 fifth-round pick is likely to be watching as the Cowboys enter their final preseason game.

(Foto superior de Isaiah Land, Will Grier, Brandon Aubrey: Matthew Pearce / Icon Sportswire vía Getty Images y Joe Nicholson / USA Today)

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